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Precisely twenty years ago,

Julian Lamb 

presented to the modelling world a new concept in miniature figurines; the highly acclaimed Pawnee, the first in a series of 1:10 scale American Indian busts. Beautiful in its simplicity with its precise sculpting, it captured the hearts and imagination of many.

The following year, Julian released the magnificent Blood Warrior.

 Nothing quite like it had been seen before...

It was released at Euro Militaire in Folkestone, whereupon it 

sold out within the first hour ! By this time, Julian had become recognized as one of the best sculptors of his era, going on to produce Rainy Mountain Charlie, Charlie’s Woman and The Mandan Chief. However, none of this was coincidental.

Whilst under the watchful eye of his Father and mentor,

Ray Lamb,

 Julian's skills had become finely honed during his career at Poste Militaire, where attention to detail and high level micro sculpting had become legendary.

After leaving Thomas Peacocke School, Rye, in 1980, Julian attended Art College in Hastings, and following a brief spell hand-painting ceramics at Rye Pottery, he joined the family business, aged 18. 

In addition to acquiring considerable production skills, 

he also  learned many aspects of pattern making. And in 1984with Fatherly guidance, (and great patience) fromRay Lamb,

 Julian produced his first commercial piece,

 a kneeling Samurai warrior, JL/1.

During the following years, Julian continued to develop his skills....

Poste Militaire 

would frequently commission patterns by talented sculptors, and whilst making necessary adjustments to them to facilitate their production, 

Julian was inspired to create his own series of works once again.

 1994 saw the release of the  first of his Indian busts. 

The more observant modeller may have noticed, that underneath the feather trailer of the original Blood Warrior bust, is the inscription

“God Bless George". Many assumed it was with reference to General George Custer.  Not so... 

It was in fact a tender moment of proud fatherhood following the birth of Julian’s eldest son, George. In the same vein you will find the inscription “God Bless Joe” hidden on Charlie’s Woman, in celebration of the birth of his son, Joseph.

The rest is history....

Fastforward to the present!

“The modelling world of 2014 is already richer”.

It is both encouraging and telling, that the imminent re-release of Julian’s finest offerings, is already provoking such excitement. 

We can only wait with bated breath for possible new releases from 

Lamb & Flag Miniatures

Happy 50th Birthday, Julian. You rock!

Your loving brother, 


14th Feb 2014


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